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Tullamore too strong for Bracknagh in Junior B

July 31st, 2020

Bracknagh’s first game in junior B was a cauldron of fire as they faced a very strong and impressive Tullamore team on the first day of the championship in Bracknagh, Bracknagh fielded as strong a team available to them on the day but Tullamore out muscled and out played the team in every position and put their stamp on the contender label in this very strong Junior B championship, Bracknagh played well in spells but in the end Tullamores depth in numbers and experience out scored the lads on a score of 2-13 to 0-05, Bracknagh now face Ferbane in round 2 where there is still a lot of play for and the lads can take some solace that this game saw some of the upcoming players feature and the return of some of the old guard to answer the call and with hope that the lads.

Bracknagh Team: